This year we have an exciting mix of ‘new’ and ‘returning’ artists.   Each artist is looking forward to meeting you!

Please take the time to introduce yourself.  They would be happy to chat and explain their creative process.

All of our artists are listed below.  Click on their name and get to know them a little bit better!

Al Barratt

Anita Schlarb

Barb Sohn

Barbora Balaban

Bill Thurlow

Clare Gallant

Clément Hoeck

Chris Van Zanten

Donnie Cheslock

Elisabeth Thomson

Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee

Garry and Linda Grisold

Gary Brooks

Gerard Vermette

Heather Sherratt

Ian Paige

Joanne Arkwright-Desarmia

John Chamney

Jolly Hog Food Truck

Judy McGrath

Karen Bernard

Karl Kischel

Kat Stevens

Lis Allison

Nadine Sculland

Paddye Mann

Pauline Mihok

Revia Fisher-Titus

Sarah Dauncey

Toby Barratt