We don’t actually have ONE map for the Maple Run Tour in 2023 – we have THREE! Each is centred on Pakenham. We also have a list of the tour stops and the addresses, below – accurate for Google Maps (we checked!).

Map 1 shows Pakenham and 3 of the outlying tour stops: Farmgate Cider, the Chris vanZanten Studio, and Cartwright Springs.

Map 2 shows Pakenham village and its 3 tour stops: the Paddye Mann Studio, the Pakenham Library, and St. Andrews United Church. Please note, the Stonebridge Haven tour stop is CANCELLED.

Map 3 shows Pakenham and several of the outlying tour stops, and includes the Cedar Hill Schoolhouse (which is on the way to Fulton’s Sugar Bush).

If you’re not familiar with Pakenham and area, and are wondering how to approach the tour, first consider where you are coming from – and of course consider your interests (visit our Artists and Studios pages to help you).

If visiting via the 417 from the direction of Ottawa or Arnprior/the Ottawa Valley , one great starting point is to exit at the Kinburn Side Road, then turn east towards Kinburn and the Mohrs Road where you can visit Farmgate Cider and its large group of artisans. From Farmgate, retrace your route back to the 417 and head west to Pakenham and take in the tour stops there – the Paddye Mann Studio, the Pakenham Library, and St. Andrew’s Church. Continue from Pakenham on the Waba Road to Cartwright Springs Brewery and the Chris van Zanten studio, then head back into Pakenham and south on County Road 29 towards the Cedar Hill Schoolhouse (and Fulton’s Sugar Bush and Maple Shop, too!).

And you can always start at the Cedar Hill Schoolhouse stop – the closest to Almonte – and head from there to Pakenham and beyond!