The Pakenham Maple Run Tour is a shout out to Spring and a wonderful way to celebrate one of Mother Nature’s most extraordinary gifts of the season.

In a matter of weeks, the sap that flows from the thousands of tapped maple trees that dot the Lanark County countryside is collected, masterfully boiled and beautifully transformed into the liquid gold that gives Lanark County its identity as the ‘Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario’.

Build a Cookbook!

It is so easy to add maple into your life.   As you wander the Tour route, pick up a delicious maple inspired recipe (or two) from each of the 10 Tour stops.  At the end of the day, head for home with a wonderful little cookbook of delicious menu ideas to share with family and friends!         

Take Home Some Maple!

When you visit the Village of Pakenham to enjoy the Maple Run Tour, don’t forget to visit the local shops and some Tour stops as they are brimming with locally produced maple syrup and maple products.

The following businesses in the Village of Pakenham invite you to take home some ‘sweet’ maple memories:

5 Span Feed & Seed Inc.   2488 County Road 29 – maple syrup by Clarence Fulton

Penny’s Fudge Factory (Stop 2 on the Tour)  2483 County Road 29 – maple syrup by Lindsay’s Maple Syrup…..and maple fudge!

Pakenham General Store (Stop 5 on the Tour) 2524 County Road 29 – maple syrup by Golden Maples Farm, muffins, cakes, candy, fudge, and maple infused products from Shamrock Gardens (a Tour artisan)

Paddye Mann Studio (Stop 4 on the Tour) 156 MacFarlane Street – maple syrup by Joe and Donna White

Nicholson’s Sundries Ltd.  2529 County Road 29 – maple syrup by Lindsay’s Maple Syrup

Scheel Furniture & Appliance  2546 County Road 29 – maple syrup by Lindsay’s Maple Syrup


The following business is on the Tour route, outside of the Village, and offers a couple of unique maple products:

Cartwright Springs Brewery  (Stop 7)  239 Deer Run Road – maple porter beer and carbonated maple water


The following business is located close to the Cedar Hill School House (Stop 10) of the Tour:

Fulton’s Sugar Bush & Maple Shop  399 Sugar Bush Road – open 8am to 3pm

Enjoy a delicious menu of pancakes, sausages and more.  Visit the Maple Shoppe for maple syrup and gourmet maple products.  Add their Maple Luscious bath and body products to your shopping list!