When you hear your tummy starting to rumble or you need to quench your thirst, you can choose to enjoy a sit down meal or eat a takeout snack as you wander the Maple Run Tour route.

Sit Down Meals

The Village of Pakenham offers two locations where you can enjoy a sit down meal in a comfortable atmosphere.

Centennial Restaurant – 2536 County Road 29, Pakenham try their great pizza! 

A washroom is available.

Pakenham Public Library – 128 MacFarlane Street, Pakenham – the ‘Friends of Mississippi Mills Public Library’ are generously hosting a yummy lunch service to be enjoyed amongst the Tour stop artists.

A washroom is available.

Take Away Foods

Scattered along the Tour route are many spots to take away some delicious food.

St. Andrew’s United Church – 2585 County Road 29 (Stop 2) – the ‘Ladies of the Church’ prepare a tempting bake table with all proceeds directed back to the Church.

A washroom is available.

Pakenham General Store – 2524 County Road 29 (613-624-5050) (Stop 3) – offers a deli and sweets counter not to be missed!

Penny’s Fudge Factory – 2483 – County Road 29 (Stop 2) – in one word, fudge!

Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee – 270 Cedar Hill Side Road (at Stop 10 – Cedar Hill School House) – carefully selected coffees from around the world, hand-roasted in small batches using solar and wind power.

A washroom is available at the Tour Stop location.

Jolly Hog Food Truck – 239 Deer Run Road (at Stop 7 – Cartwright Springs Brewery) – great food truck featuring fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

A washroom is available at the Tour Stop location.

Surrounding Area of Lanark County

Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush – 399 Sugar Bush Road (613-256-3867)

Please note:   Open between 8am and 3pm. 

Located just a few minutes from Tour Stop 10 – the Cedar Hill School House.

A washroom is available.