156 MacFarlane Street, Pakenham, Ontario

(613) 624-5201


The Paddye Mann Studio returns as the Tour’s most elegant tour stop. This tastefully renovated stone building, built in 1831, was the home and business of one of the earliest tailors of Pakenham, Wm. Tait.  How appropriate that today this fine building is home to Paddye Mann Clothing, where beautifully made custom clothing is designed personally for each client by Paddye, and meticulously crafted by her team.

A visit to the studio is an immersion in elegance, colour, and the fineness of the best natural fabrics from across the world.

To meet Paddye is to meet a remarkable and largely self-made artist whose clients are discerning women from around the region and around the world.  Paddye first encountered Pakenham in 1973, when she rode her bike into town and she discovered a community where she just  “knew” she could make a home.  By 1979, she had opened her own studio, and her bio today lists a myriad of teaching activities, professional memberships, lectures, shows, publications and prestigious awards.

Joining Paddy in her studio are 2 talented artists:

Judy McGrath – landscape photographer

Dawn Walker – textile and surface design