Find Mike at CARTWRIGHT SPRINGS BREWERY, 239 Deer Run Road, Pakenham

Hailing from Quadeville in the Madawaska River valley, Mike Desrochers returns to the Maple Run Tour with his spectacular metal sculptures and objects and his unique take on artisanal blacksmithing. His artwork is varied, each forged of scrap metal from farm and agricultural tools. Most creations are near-scale sculptural renditions of wildlife.

Contact Mike at or (613) 585-2856, and check out his website at

During his thirty-five year career as professional wilderness adventure guide and educator, Mike drew inspiration and energy from the natural environment. A fascination with living history and an appreciation of traditional skills steered him into artisanal  blacksmithing.

His artistic lines are informed by the natural world.  Driven by the need to create and express himself in this medium of formidable resistance, he surrenders to the old-time practice of balancing function with organic form.  His pieces are one-of-a-kind originals created by re-forging discarded farm and industrial metals by traditional methods.