Karen Bernard Medow Music_Paper Sculpture Relief


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Ottawa born, Karen Bernard is a graduate of the Graphic Arts Printing program at Algonquin College and has been working in her chosen field ever since.

Karen experimented with a variety of media before discovering the beauty of hand-made paper.  With its flexibility, paper permits her to do more than decorate a flat surface.  It inspires her to create three dimensional sculptures breaking through the barriers of two dimensional design.  According to Karen, the unique properties and forms created by paper have no counterpart.

The art form allows her the freedom to leave the flat surface and return to the world of depth.  Karen’s perceptions of our world are expressed in the precise intricate motion of each piece.

Her original designs can be seen in her most recent works of Paper Sculpture Relief, Iris Folding and Paper Cutting.  She recently relocated to Petawawa and has made paper art a full-time endeavor and now displays her works at the Valley Artisans Co-op.