Find Susan at the PAKENHAM LIBRARY, 128 MacFarlane Street, Pakenham – lower level


Susan returns to the Maple Run Tour with her handwoven and felted practical and luxurious articles for home, yourself or special someone using cotton, linen,  silk, silk blends, and wool.

Susan can be reached by email at or by phone at 613-219-0166.

In her own words:

I spent forty-five years working in the financial sector and was known as a leader and a trainer. During that time, I satisfied my need to create by doing Christmas wreaths and baskets for friends and family. I always felt the need to do more. I would perch on the window seat chatting and watching my friend weave. I thought that looked like fun and in December 2013 decided that a loom was to be in my future. I bought a used loom not knowing how to weave or even dress the loom. Pending my retirement at the end of 2014 I read books and watched YouTube and other videos on weaving.  I took a Nuno Felted Scarf course and a course with Zoe Emily and fell in love with felting as well. While continuing to be in an exploratory phase of my life I am enjoying every minute.

I enjoy working with people and sharing my knowledge of the felting and weaving  skills that she has.  I do teach weaving and felting.

I weave with love, attention to detail and weave both luxurious and practical pieces for the  home  and personal items.  Cotton  &/ or linen are woven into the “World’s Best Tea Towels”. Scarves,  shawls and wraps are woven with quality yarns such as linen, cotton, silks, cashmere and tencel &/ or a combination. Hand felted cowls, scarves and shawls are carefully done with soft 100% merino fibres and or silk

Everybody needs a durable and beautiful tea towel. My cotton and / or linen tea towels are extremely popular items  at any shows I am in. I always sell out due to the patterns and colours. They are continually referred to as “The World’s Best Tea Towels”