The Maple Run Tour is excited to announce the following Tour highlights and the latest in Tour news.

*** Please note that additional parking during the Tour weekend is available at 5 Span & Feed Inc (2488 County Road 29) across from Stop 2 – Penny’s Fudge Factory.

Last Minute Artists

We are pleased to announce that we have accepted three additional ‘last minute’ artists to the Tour this year.  These artists joined after the brochure was printed, however, they are listed with all of the Tour participants on the Artists page of this website.   We welcome Michaela Wolfert (fine jewellery), Kelli Kavanagh (Laine Herbals – Handcrafted Botanicals), and Kyle Bertrand (Bertrand’s Big Bear Carving). 

Artist Sends Her Regrets

For reasons beyond her control, Debra Munro of The Kitchen Sink Skincare (Stop 9 – Farmgate Cider) sends her regrets as she is unable to participate in the Maple Run Tour this year. Debra is listed in the Tour brochure as this news came after the brochure was printed. We hope to see Debra next year!

Kelli Kavanagh (Laine Herbals – Handcrafted Botanicals) is stepping in with her line of organic products and invites you to visit her at Stop 9 – Farmgate Cider. Welcome Kelli!

Icebox Artists

The Pakenham Public School is holding an Icebox Art fundraiser during the Maple Run Tour. Showcasing the colourful and imaginative artwork of their young Icebox Artists, these one of a kind, signed pieces, are available for purchase. A magnet accompanies each piece of artwork you buy so it can be ‘hung’ on your refrigerator as soon as your arrive home!

Chainsaw Carving Demonstrations – All Weekend

Follow the sound of the chainsaw! Penny’s Fudge Factory hosts Kyle Bertrand (Bertrand’s Big Bear Carving) who will be demonstrating the art of chainsaw carving. Stay a while and watch how Kyle turns a block of wood into a finished bear, moose, eagle….. or, perhaps a welcome sign or a bench!

Kyle will have a selection of completed pieces for purchase. He also enjoys creating custom pieces, so make sure you talk to him about any ideas you may have for your own home or garden.

Note: During the Tour weekend, the 5 Span Feed & Seed Inc (2488 County Road 29, just across from Penny’s Fudge Factory – Stop 2) is generously providing additional Tour parking. Their parking lot is conveniently located across from Kyle’s chainsaw carving demonstration.

Strike a Pose!

In days gone by, sap was collected in wooden buckets and boiled down over an open fire to make maple syrup. A photo opportunity which places you in that era can be found at the Pakenham General Store.

Place your head on the top of a cut out to become the hardworking fellow ‘Big Sap’, as he carries wooden buckets filled with sap to the boil. Or, on top of the cut out of his lovely wife ‘Amber’, stirring the sap as it boils down to syrup.

Fact: Forty gallons of sap produces one gallon of maple syrup. Hard work indeed!

Build a Cookbook!

It is so easy to add a touch of maple into your life. As you wander the Tour route, pick up a maple inspired recipe (or two) from each of the 10 Tour stops. At the end of the day, head for home with a wonderful little cookbook of delicious menu ideas to share with family and friends!

Tours of St. Peter Celestine Roman Catholic Church and Rectory

A guided tour of this magnificent Church takes place on April 4th and April 5th, 2020 at 1:30 pm.

139 Renfrew St (in the Village of Pakenham, perched on top of the hill).

Visit our Out and About page for more information.