Find Rri at FARMGATE CIDER, 4547 Mohr’s Road, Arnprior

Celebrating 25 years! Rrijoice Tie-Dyes continues to bring together the joy of vibrant colours with comfortable, natural fibre clothing, Rri adds dimension and depth by using various folding techniques and dye application. One of these methods is a hand stitching process, originating from Japan, called, Shibori, which enables images to be “tied” into the fabric.

Rich rainbow jewel tones. Mellow pastel hues. Earthy colour blends. Rrijoice Tie-Dyes creates appealing wear for anyone. Infant and youth sizes of t-shirts, dresses, onesies, socks and many other items are available. Also, a variety of adult clothing including Canadian-made hoodies and t-shirts up to 4XL.

One special and unique offering from Rrijoice is the exclusive, Ontario-manufactured, cotton sock varieties available in knee-highs, dress socks, cable-knit, med-weight  and thigh-high, in both men and ladies sizes and several yarn weights.

Using Fibrereactive MX dyes, the longevity and quality of the tie-dyed clothing lasts as long as the garment does.

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