Richard and his powerful art returns to the Tour in a unique and popular location – and some exciting news about this particular painting! We’re so delighted for him, and we’re delighted to be able to feature him on our Tour.  In Richard’s own words:

Dear friends,
I am delighted to let you know that my art has been featured in International Artist Magazine. This is huge. Seriously.  Artists dream of being in this respected world-wide magazine that celebrates artistic talent. It’s a magazine that artists read to further their practices/knowledge, and consider it an unattainable aspiration to be featured in. With a circulation of 75,000, you can see why.
This means two things for you…
My art, more than ever, is ‘collectible’ and will increase in value. Adding my art to your collection not only adds colour and conversation to your wall, but investment to your ‘portfolio’.
It also means that I was feeling the push to get my website updated! So, now you can find my complete collection online, including the full article as published in the magazine.
Give me a call anytime if you would like to discuss a special artwork for yourself. (613) 200-7440. I am skilled in painting animals, skyscapes, still life, surrealism, and portraits. I would be honoured to put paint to canvas for you. I would also be honoured if you would share this great news with art-loving friends and family. To receive future news, all they need to do is write back and ask.
P.S. This is the piece that won the award! “Bear Pose” is oil on stretched canvas and 24×36″.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support of my art practice. Look at where it led! And, the best is yet to come. 
With heartfelt gratitude,

Richard’s art is as multi-faceted as his mind. In fact, the depth and breadth of the mind itself, and everything it conjures up in this world, is the constant underlying theme in all his works. The subject matter can be still and reflective, at other times turbulent or playful, but is always enquiring – and often provocative.

Richard is accomplished in acrylics, watercolour, drawing, and oils, but the latter remains a favourite. He prides himself in not being a slave to any particular style or technique.

Born in Glasgow, Richard acquired a first class BAHons in Fine Art as a mature student. He married late in life and his Canadian wife brought him to Perth, where they now reside.

Richard is keen to immerse himself in the landscape and culture of Eastern Ontario and to see where that takes him artistically.