CEDAR HILL CHRISTMAS TREE FARM, 951 8TH Concession South, Pakenham

I started Gemstone Yarn Co. in 2020 as a natural extension of my love for knitting and rainbows. As a kid, I spent hours with both of my grandmothers, learning how to knit and watching them create dolls, blankets, hats, and sweaters for our family or to donate to local children’s hospitals. As a teenager, I had many stops and starts learning how to knit, but it wasn’t until I picked my needles back up in 2013 that I really stuck with it.

Dyeing came as an easy next step when I wanted to learn how to create my own rainbow of colourful and speckled yarns. With a formal education in photography, my “eye” for colour has been refined and I have learned exactly how to mix the right shades through trial and error. The colourways I have created are almost all inspired by the natural gemstone necklaces from Moonshadow Designs’ Kat Stevens, my mom, and the reason I am so passionate about exploring as many forms of art as I can!