Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee puts a little sunshine in every cup of coffee!

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We purchase our coffee beans through the farm gate, from small-lot farmers who care deeply about their plants, their land and the quality of the coffee they produce.  We also source our coffees from organic, Rainforest Alliance®, certified, Fair Trade®, and Women’s Co-operative farms, allowing us to offer the very best coffees from around the world.  (One of our farmers only produces a few dozen bags of coffee per year.)

Our coffee is blended or supplied as either single-region or distinctive single-origin varietals, often from farms smaller than 10 acres.  Being a small roaster and having access to limited-production farms allows Fluid to provide our customers with distinctive, select coffee options.

We lovingly hand-roast our beans to perfection, using a unique Sivetz Fluid Bed roasting system powered by solar electricity generated on site.

We work with our customers to ensure that the right bean and roast have been selected, so that the journey from the farm to your cup creates an enjoyable drinking experience.