Elisabeth paints primarily in acrylic and watercolour and is interested in a wide range of subject matter, including landscapes, florals, portraits and semi-abstract figures.  She is inspired by her lifelong love of the outdoors, travel and the many photographs she takes in wild places and on trips, both local and world wide.

She is especially drawn to bright colours, stark images, shadows and reflections.  Some of her work is highly realistic while she also enjoys playing with reality by means of abstraction and metamorphosis.

Elisabeth began her artistic training early in life, following a four year art program in Ottawa, after which she sold pencil portraits on commission while working in a gallery in Hull, Quebec.  She went on to become an elementary school teacher, but continued to draw and paint and take art courses in Ottawa, Haliburton and Kleinburg.   She recently decided to work full time at painting, selling work at various local shows, in galleries and on commission.

My favourite maple memory:

When I was a young child, my father built a small log cabin near Gatineau Park.  Each year we tapped the many maple trees around us and made syrup or enjoyed “taffy on the snow”.  The cabin is no longer there, so this is a bitter-sweet memory for me.