One of Canada’s few pewtersmiths returns to the Tour with his finely crafted holloware made from lead-free pewter.

My inspiration
Books on old pewter, and shapes fellow craftsmen can achieve with their media: clay, glass, wood

My Craft History
Twenty hours of lessons with Doug Shenstone, master pewtersmith; Visiting fellow pewters and pewtersmiths; Inventing most of my techniques myself!

My favourite things
My workshop; Books; Listening to music; Family; Dogs

My story
I grew up in Halifax, went to university there and became a metallurgical engineer. Employed in an aluminum smelter in Quebec, I discovered an inability to learn French. Got married. I Went to Queen’s for a MSc., and then to Toronto and Western Ontario and in 1969 came to the beginning of the semiconductor industry in Ottawa. I Joined Energy, Mines and Resources in 1975 as a scientist. Took lessons from Doug in 1976. Retired in 1995 to become a full time pewtersmith.

My dream
To continue in good health. Take trips to interesting places. Continue as a pewtersmith.