Visit the Maple Run Tour and Win!

The Maple Run Tour is a wonderful way to shake off the winter blues and step out for the day (or weekend!) in and around the historic Village of Pakenham.

As you make your way from Tour stop to Tour stop, make sure you pick up a Tour Passport.  At each Tour stop you visit, simply ask an artist to initial the Passport.   When it is time to go home, simply drop the Passport in a prominently displayed sap bucket at any Tour stop.

This Passport is your chance to win a $50 gift certificate that you can put towards purchasing any item from any artist on the Tour!

And, to make it even more fun, if you visit all 10 stops on the Tour, your name will be entered twice into the draw.  Woot!

Good luck to everyone!

** The draw will be held a few days after the Maple Run Tour and the winner will be contacted by one of the Maple Run Tour organizers.  **

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